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UniCOMAL products

In this section of pages you can find general information about UniComal. The UniComal V3.11 links lead to general information about two separate packages available, whilst the UniComal FAQ and Acorn COMAL comparison pages deal with technical information and particular problems. The prices and conditions of sale given on this website are the current ones, and supersede any information contained in advertising material, newsletters and so on.

UniComal is published by PDC A/S, at the Prolog Development Center in Broendby, Denmark, and distributed to UK and overseas customers by MacharSoft.

General COMAL Information

Acorn COMAL (as used on BBC Micros and Macs) compared with UniCOMAL
Higher Still Software Development Unit (H) Solutions Notes
Using the COMALC compiler (supplied with V3.11 Developers')
Event-driven programs in UniCOMAL
The optional programming unit in Higher Still Computing
About the COMAL language - a general overview
UniCOMAL FAQs - users' questions.

UniCOMAL Product Descriptions

UniCOMAL V3.11 Developers' - description
UniCOMAL V3.11 Students' - description
UniCOMAL V3.12 Students' - description
Beginners Please! Programming Packs - description
"UniCOMAL from the Start": a programming textbook
UniCOMAL Prices and Conditions of Sale - how to order

Updated 20-Feb-2000 (Acorn COMAL comparisons link)